Honda got its start when the company released its first product in 1947. The Honda A-Type was a small motor bike with an original motor mounted to the frame. The company, foreseeing future greatness, opened a small manufacturing plant.

The tiny, less-than-effective assembly line was the seed of Honda’s success. In just seven years Honda was ready to go international, sending several of its motorbike models to America. By the mid-1960s the company was ready to start auto marketing. They separated production into three categories: passenger cars, luxury and sports cars, and the third being mini-cars. In 1973 Honda and Fujisawa retired and turned the company over to Kawashima. In 1980 Honda began manufacturing in America ensuring that the company could continue international trade. Continuing in innovation Honda created the world’s first four-wheel-steering system in 1987. Less than a decade later, the Honda Corporation released a prototype for a humanoid robot, pushing the limits of technology. 2003 saw the first test flights of the Honda Jet. Honda’s roots as the leading motorcycle producer is re-enforced by the first, mass-produced motorcycle with airbags in 2005.