50 Years of Honda

Honda has been enjoyed by British citizens ever since 1965, the very same year that Honda won their first ever Grand Prix in the RA272 driven by Ritchie Ginther. The brand is now one of the largest in the world with over 182,000 employees worldwide and 40 manufacturing facilities. They are no one trick pony either and are involved in a number of things other than cars.


I have owned a couple of Hondas in my time including a Honda Civic and a second hand Honda CR-Z, the CR-Z is still to this day one of the best cars I have ever owned. The only car that I have had a better time driving was one of my mates second hand Alfa Romeo Spider. It has been 50 years, and they now also have the largest Motorcycle division in the UK with a 20% market share. It goes to show then that Honda are a big name in the UK for more than one reason. They are also responsible for some of the best TV advertising campaigns ever! A friend of mine owns a Honda FR-V and thought he’d give his two cents.

Mark’s Honda FR-V MPV Review

I’m not going to lie I wasn’t exactly beside myself with excitement when I decided I was going to buy the Honda FR-V, but it made a hell of a lot of sense, it belonged to a close friend of mine who I trusted, he owned Maidstone Used Car Sales and they offered it to me for a very fair price, so even if I grew tired of the FR-V I would be able to get most if not all of my money back. But I haven’t, I have infact really, really enjoyed my second hand Honda FR-V and don’t reckon I will be looking to sell it for another 3 years or so. And when I do, I should think I will be considering the new models.