Honda MOT and Servicing

Even though your Used Honda Accord might be running like clockwork, if it is older than three years old you will at some point have to arrange an MOT test for it. This can be a right pain in the neck and the only pricing information you can go on is the fact that they can only charge up to £55 for an MOT test, and you have no idea what a Honda MOT Cost should be.mot

Now however, the MOT and Servicing market is about to get a whole lot more transparent, thanks to a revolutionary automotive service BuyYourCar are putting into place. Their service basically allows you to browse through the pricing information for MOT and Servicing bookings with regards to your particular Honda (it works for other brands too). The prices will also be made specific to your region, so prices from garages in your local area will be the only ones

It takes a matter of seconds and you stand to find some great bargains, as we all know, transparency means competitive pricing; this applies to everything, even MOT and Service costs.

BuyYourCar can also give you access to Car Parts & Spares that are for sale all over the country, should your car need any repair work following its MOT check.

Visit BuyYourCar for more information on their new service.