The Bugatti Veryon, the world’s fastest road legal production car. This beautiful creation can hit an incredible top speed of 267mph. It can cost in excess of one million pounds and it is easy to see why, with many celebrities such as Simon Cowell owning one. The Lamborghini Aventador. This incredible speed … Continue reading

Automotive Photos

Automotive Photos is your number one source for all the photos of the cars you want to see. I worked for a Stourbridge MOT and Service garage for 6 years, and have seen some pretty unusual cars in some pretty incredible conditions throughout that period, so I have few pictures … Continue reading

Honda Accord Tourer

The Honda Accord Tourer is a practical and versatile estate that manages to look good and be family friendly. Honda’s designers were given a brief to come up with a sleeker profile and they’ve succeeded with a classy looking tourer with a purposeful face and a tapering rear end. Honda … Continue reading

Honda MOT and Servicing

Even though your Used Honda Accord might be running like clockwork, if it is older than three years old you will at some point have to arrange an MOT test for it. This can be a right pain in the neck and the only pricing information you can go on is … Continue reading

Honda S2000 set for comeback?

Remember the Honda S2000? Well it’s coming back and I for one am pleased to hear it. Four years after production of the model ended, Modulo (Honda’s official aftermarket parts and accessories) have been given permission to give the S2000 a facelift which features “cutting-edge aeroform design and a chic … Continue reading

Honda Micro Commuter prototype

If you have forgotten about the Honda Micro Commuter, let us refresh your memory. The Honda Micro Commuter first arrived on the scene back in 2011 at the Tokyo Motor Show as a concept car. It has been billed as direct competition for the Renault Twizy, which is hardly surprising … Continue reading

Production NSX SuperCar confirmed!

The production version of the Nissan NSX SuperCar has been confirmed, and Hondalicious is massively excited! We don’t have to wait too long for more details either, as the NSX is going to make its world debut in the coming January 2013 at the Detroit Motor Show. Great way to … Continue reading

CR-Vs recalled over fire concerns

Not all news is good news: A fault has been discovered in the Honda CR-V which has led to thousands of recalls across America and Europe. The fault involves the possibility of the driver’s door catching fire. Unfortunately this is not an innovative way of heating the cabin, and it … Continue reading